Up-coming Media Events

Up-coming Media Events

What’s happening at Breakthrough 

Every Thursday evening we continue our exploration of the subject of Angels.  This week we will discuss the role of angels as revealed in the Scripture.  

We will also have some more testimonies and pictures of Angelic activity.  You will not want to miss this broadcast tonight at 7 PM central time (six, mountain time)

As usual you can make comments and as questions during the live broadcast by texting us at 816 244 1256.  It’s OK to text us during the broadcast. In fact we encourage it.

Join us at 7 PM central time at the “watch live stream” page.  

Ruth and I will be expecting you.  See you then.

Be sure to watch our Live Stream Broadcast every week, “The Voice of  Breakthrough”.  Every Thursday at 7 PM Central Time.  

Click on the “watch livestream” page and it will open up.

Join us.  

All  teaching will be live on our web page, Watch Live Stream.  Log on for every event.

This month don’t miss  our “Voice of Breakthrough” Broadcast.  You will be able to see the saved version at our Live Stream site.  Watch for it.