Up-coming Media Events

Up-coming Media Events

What’s happening at Breakthrough 

Tonight we start a new subject on the Voice of Breakthrough.  We will be discussing How to function in the Courts of Heaven. 

God is moving upon His Church in this hour about intercession.  If we do not begin to intercede for this nation, it will be lost and our way of life will be gone.  Powerful principalities are invading and wicked people are trying to advance their rule.  It’s up to the Church to move  as God’s Ekklesia and stop this onslaught of evil. 

James 5:16     The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.    NAS

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As usual you can make comments and ask questions during the live broadcast by texting us at 816 244 1256.  It’s OK to text us during the broadcast. In fact we encourage it.

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